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Teacher | Instructional Designer | Historian

 I love to teach. As an instructor, I have taught courses in history, religious studies, and pedagogy at Madison and in North Dakota. In all my classes (f2f, blended, or online), I strive to facilitate active student engagement with course content, create clear learning objectives, and foster a classroom environment that encourages students to engage critically with course material. My course design involves rigorous research, iterative design, and a willingness to embrace failure as a learning opportunity.

My work as an instructional designer is born out of my love of teaching. From 2013 - 2018 I served the University of Wisconsin - Madison as a learning technology consultant. At Madison, I built graduate and faculty training programs, designed online and blended courses, and wrote instructional guides. I also worked one-on-one with faculty to help them create better educational experiences for their students.

Recently, my family and I moved to Milwaukee. At UW - Milwaukee’s Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL), I look forward to continuing my support of faculty and immerse myself in the classroom. Currently at CETL, I oversee the development of online training for teaching assistants, offer one-on-one consultation with faculty, and assist in UWM’s transition to Canvas through direct support and frequent workshops.

I am also a historian of modern Britain and contemporary Christianity. I specialize in the conflicted relationship between faith and ideas of modernity, the development of transnational evangelicalism, and religion and immigration in contemporary UK.